A Powerful Story

Stories can be the greatest tool
Connecting the youth to the past
Andre Kessel said “to hear a witness is to be one”
Those words hit me as if he was aiming right at me,
Wanting me to be one
So I listened
I heard every word of his story to becoming a survivor
We are now connected
I am now a survivor of the most horrific history in Jewish culture
I am a survivor who will keep the story going
Connecting the future youth to the past
So this great story doesnt die
So people can’t say the Holocaust never happened

A changed view on god
Before Operation Understanding I didn’t believe in any spiritual creature. I shut that part of me off …praying had never ended well in my favor so I stopped trying.  But over the course of this trip I have made a deeper connection with myself and through that a closer connection to god. It is a beautiful thing, immersing myself in different cultures but praising only one lord. It was visiting different services that helped me understand all believers believe in one maker. It wasn’t until I visited the church in Birmingham where I truly felt an uplifting feeling in my heart, connecting me with my god, and I cried tears of joy because I finally found that missing piece to complete me. Every piece is needed for me to fully understand all of me.  This experience has helped me to open that part of my heart again, it’s one of my greatest achievements finding where I belong spiritually.

Meqai Herder OU ’13, Abington Friends School ’14